Okay, you’re curious. You want to know more. You deserve to know more. Well here goes.

Ben studied at Cambridge University, where true to form, he turned up a day late to the Footlights auditions, and ended up trying out as a chorus girl for the panto.  He didn’t get the part.

It was an auspicious start to a long and illustrious career in putting off till tomorrow what could have been done today.

He started writing his own material in the 90s, while singing and playing in bands in London, but has spent the last ten years of his life locked in a darkened studio writing music and silly songs for cartoons and kids’ telly.  If you have kids under five, you’ve probably heard some of his songs.  In fact, you’re probably sick of them by now.

In 2003, he was lucky enough to be asked to write the music for Series Five of Absolutely Fabulous, including the 70s soft-porn sci-fi spoof ‘Booberella’, starring Patsy as a lesbian from outer space.

There then followed a flood of offers to work on a raft of well-known sketch shows and sitcoms.  Unfortunately, that was all in Ben’s head.

In 2011, Ben started writing comedy songs for grown ups, and began gigging them around a bit.  His songs have been described as “actually quite funny”.  Mostly by him.

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